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[#IndieAuthorWednesday] Sophia Kouidou-Giles Author Interview

Sophia Kouidou-Giles

Happy #indieauthorwednesday, friends!! This week’s featured author for an interview on the blog is Sophia Kouidou-Giles, author of SOPHIA’S RETURN, a memoir!

Sophia’s Return: Uncovering My Mother’s Past (Print ISBN 978-1-64742-171-7 and E-ISBN 978-1-64742-172-4) is available at your local independent bookstore and can be ordered online! Here are some handy links:

Barnes and Nobles:



Q: Hello! Introduce yourself, and tell the readers a little bit about you!

A: Born and raised in Greece, I came to the US after high school to attend College and eventually immigrated to this country. I am interested in mother/daughter relationships because I was an only child until age ten and was raised by my mother, grandmother and finally my stepmother by the time I left Greece. I love travel, music, and the sea. No surprise there since I have lived by water all my life! I have sung in choirs, played the guitar and visited four continents. My career was in child welfare in the Pacific Northwest. After retirement I returned to Greece several times to be with family and friends, dig into the past and learn more about genealogy. The writing life suits me fine. It has given me time to write my memoir and publish it in two languages, Greek and in English, in both countries. My joy is living near my son’s family and watching my two grandsons growing up!

Q: Have you always known that writing was something you were interested in?

A: I wanted to write ever since I was in middle school. My grandmother’s gift to me was making up stories before nap time, a habit I took up later with my own family. In my teens I was a voracious reader, accumulating Greek and world literature in translation and have continued reading English and Greek literature since then. Often, reading stimulates ideas and stirs me to the laptop to capture them. In retirement I find that life is busy but not frantic, with the ‘to do’ lists of raising a family and keeping up with work. I love pairing reading and writing. Besides, my writing routine has been a ‘life saver’ during the homebound COVID months. I have enjoyed bridging two cultures and associating with writers, editors and book friends in both countries.



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