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Monthly Re-Read: September

Hi everybody! Welcome to September’s highlight reel, from reviews, to teas-of-the-week, to indie authors! Reviews: NIGHT SPEED by CHRIS HOWARD: 4/5 stars You can check out the review here! Indie Author Wednesdays September 2nd: THE LEGENDARY SHIVER by J.H. MacAl! If THE LEGENDARY SHIVER sounds good to you, you can find all the links toContinue reading “Monthly Re-Read: September”

REVIEW: “Today Tonight Tomorrow” by Rachel Lynn Solomon

5/5⭐️ (if I could give it 6/5, I would) I may never shut up about this book. Truly. This book is beyond-words-beautiful. Today, Tonight, Tomorrow follows Rowan Roth and Neil McNair, notorious rivals and co-student-council-presidents at their high school in Seattle. As graduation looms, they set out to best each other one final time: atContinue reading “REVIEW: “Today Tonight Tomorrow” by Rachel Lynn Solomon”

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